Starting from Lençois, we travel for about 90 minutes to the settlement of Rosely Nunes, a distance of 130km (81mi), where we will watch the making of flour in a farinha house.  We will then walk to the Invernada Waterfall, 2 and a half hours away, where we’ll swim around and enjoy the water and enjoy a picnic along the waterfall’s banks. We will then return to the settlement and enjoy a snack of regional foods while enjoying and participating in a samba raiz dance circle with community members before returning to Lençois.


Leaving Lençois, we travel about 2 hours, 150km (93mi) to the Encantado (Enchanted) Pool. You will take a tour through the pool, with a local guide, enjoying the beautiful view of the transparent waters as it reflects the sun’s light. We will then return to the car and travel to the Rosely Nunes settlement to have a lunch of local foods, followed by a short rest period and various workshops with local griôs and masters. We will then return to the car again to travel about 50 minutes to the Azul (Blue) Pool, where you can swim in the crystalline waters before we return to Lençois.




Leaving Lençois, we travel by car 140km (87mi) to the community of Baixão, aproximately 2 hours away. Once in Baixçao we will walk 7km to the Encantada (Enchanted) Waterfall, a trail of about 2 and a half hours. At the waterfall, we will visit a cave of rock paintings, enjoy a refreshing swim in the waterfall and enjoy the local flora and fauna. We return to Baixão for a lunch of local foods and storytelling circle with local legends, including the creation of the settlement, and songs sung by community members. We will then return to Lençois.